Exciting sessions at ENV!


I’ve been so busy lately balancing regular sessions with new adventurous ones! I’ve so excited to share with everyone the very special sessions that are new and exciting oppertunities for not only me, but my clients too! A woman came to me about a month ago wanting boudoir pictures as a wedding gift to her groom, hesitant at first I told her I would think about it but my thinking changed reminding me that I need to take every scary oppertunity by the horns. I never knew how many people would love to do boudoir sessions! I loved hearing from clients (hoping to have two more book!) and knowing that they loved the idea too! This is the details on my SPECIAL boudoir session scheduled for 11.17.12! Salon361 has been kind enough to offer amazing prices for hair and make up for my clients wanting to do this session. If anyone is interested, contact me through my of my media sources!

Next week I will be unveiling my christmas card and OSU specials. Christmas card specials will include a studio session and a designed christmas card that can be developed at any photo lab such as snapfish, walgreens, cvs, walmart, and target.

The OSU special is so so special to me as I am a tried and true buckeye fan (I literally bleed scarlet and grey haha). I recently got to step foot on the field this past weekend and could not hold back tears. So much history and magic has been made in the stadium that I luckily got to stand in the middle of. This moment was so special to me, I want to share it with my clients who are like family to me! So, I have rented out OSU stadium on April 20th, 2013 for sessions on the field. Pricing and more details will soon come out at the end of November. I hope tons of people are able to take advantage of this special event!

I love all my readers, clients, anyone who even glances at this page. This is such a huge dream and passion of mine. I love sharing my love with people who take a chance on me.

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