Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions!


Check out all these little cuties! Last Saturday was PACKED with lots of mini sessions. Each session was so cute and fun! I think they all are little models. Each session received a little goodie bag at the end so I think it was well worth it! haha.

This was my first mini session event. I usually don’t like to do that because I feel like my prices are too low to be going any lower for a ‘mini session price’. But, this changed my mind. I hadn’t seen any other photographer in our little town of Mount Vernon doing a kissing booth theme so I went for it. My husband got supplies and I got my creativity going and we created that kissing booth. (Can you say Power Couple?! ha.)

I am so proud of my husband for creating the booth and very happy that my clients loved the idea too. I’m so glad everything turned out well!

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