Easter Mini Sessions!


This year, I am (again) offering Easter mini sessions. So many of my clients have responded to this session. I already have my husband getting hammer and nails ready to build the custom set up for this session. I like to always give my clients a custom, one of a kind experience. It’s what sets me apart from everyone!

Also, different from last year, we have opted out of doing baby chicks for the Easter sessions. This is after last year I realized that baby chicks can make children very sick! I had already gotten the chicks and then I did some research on their care and it said not to let children touch them…. What’s the point of having them around the children if the children can not touch them? I could see tears being shed over not being able to play with the chicks! I wasn’t going to play the lottery on any of my little clients getting ill either. No picture is worth it! Read more about the risk of salmonella from chicks here.

So, other than chicks, we will have Peanut the brown bunny visiting with the children. My very good friend Lacey was amazing and is letting me borrow Peanut for the session! He’s a BIG floppy bunny and I think he’s adorable!

These sessions have been so popular, I have had to open up the 17th for more room! It’s such a blessing! Thank you amazing wonderful clients!

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