Jacki & Kyle

I have never known just Jacki. Even as a sophomore, I did not meet just Jacki, I met Jacki & Kyle. I met Jacki in my math class. I easily found out that Jacki was a twilight fan (like myself), she said what needed to be said, and loved Kyle… very much. A day at school would not be right if you did not see these two walking down the hall side by side. They are not sappy romantics, better than that, they are best friends. Even shooting this engagement session, you could see the friendship that their love grows on. It’s something you rarely see. He makes her laugh so hard and puts a permanent smile on her face. It’s like magic. It brakes the stigma that young love is dumb, yet it proves that it is strong and determined. This May will be a very emotional moment for me when these two take vows. She is not only a DAMN GOOD FRIEND, but they have been a couple I look up to. Now, after all that sappy stuff, look at these awesome pictures! 🙂

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