Megan & Ryan’s Engagement Session



All I can say about these two is that I am SOOO happy that I get to FINALLY got to photograph their engagement session. Megan is one of the very few people in this world who will ever get the title ‘Best Friend’ from me. We met when I was 16 and it was our first day in our Business Technologies lab. From there we have been through a lot. Moments of pure joy when we found out that one boy liked us (Ryan, being the one she liked)  to those not so easy moments when we were sitting on the floor of the school bathroom crying trying to figure out life. Megan was even there when I met my husband for the first time, she took me to Chipotle for the first time, we were pregnant together (our daughters are only five days apart), we even walked into OSU stadium for the first time together. Even though we may not be as close anymore, she will always be so special to me because she has played such a huge role in my life. With that being said, I have also watched Megan fall in love with Ryan, so much that she is willing to be his wife. I’m so proud of them for coming as far as they have. Just like Jacki & Kyle, my husband and myself, we all have proven that young love is not dumb, but strong and determined. I am so happy for them, so happy that they have let me be apart of the most special parts of their lives. Thank you so much Megan, for all the very memorable moments and for being such a wonderful high school best friend back then because I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

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