Pet & Me Charity Event TODAY!

Animals are special to me, they are like family. A ton of my clients always bring their pets to their sessions because they believe the same thing I do. Pets are not animals. They will always be family. They are like children to us, even best friends. So, my clients inspired this idea. I decided to hold an open event for any of my clients to show up and get their picture taken with their animal and pay $10 that goes straight to our local humane society. I’ve gotten a HUGE response to this session and I hope it has a big turn out today. It would really mean alot to me!

For any of you that would like to help support my efforts in helping our VERY full humane society, you can click HERE to donate online. This website sends the money directly to the humane society, it is a secure and verified account and the money never touches my hands.

Thank you to all of you that support my causes. It means a bunch! Please pray that the weather is good for our sessions today!

pet & ME

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