Senior ‘H’ – {Following 2014}

My goodness! I can not believe he is a senior now! His mother told me of how doctors said that she was never see him reach his senior year…. Well, I like to say that our God is bigger than a doctors predictions. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a doctor make a prediction and it never happens.

I am so glad to see him make it to this day. When we took these, I asked him about school and what he wants to do afterwards. He was so excited to tell me about his senior year and that he wants to immediately get a job. It is so great to hear a young man be ready to take on the world and work hard for what he wants.

I love my seniors so much. I love watching them make this huge growth spurt, mentally, throughout the year. I’m just a few years out from my senior year back in 2010 and I remember how crazy it was to start taking on the world. Really dipping your feet into the world of credit scores and budgeting, taxes and paychecks. It makes your life so real. You are no longer sheltered from the responsibilities of the world through school and you are now your own person. You are not defined by what sport you play, your high school colors or your grade level.. you are only the name your mother gave you, the breath God gave you and the ambition that you instill in yourself.


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