Ofcourse I Remember


What is today? Nothing but PTSD. I cry every year. My biological father was in ICU on deaths door, soldiers guarded every door of the hospital. I heard the sound barriers break for the first time and I’ve never seen fighter jets fly so low. I watched the Air Force escort the president’s plane across the sky. September 11th was much more than watching it on a tv screen, it was real for me. So real. Guess that’s the reality of living near an Air Force base? “God Bless the USA” and “America the Beautiful” will never be just a song as they were played continuously over and over those days. The ‘Breaking News’ icon that suddenly pops up on the news channel and it still makes me hold my breath. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I never felt the insecurity of adults as a little kid until that day. When your teachers don’t know what to do and they are crying and they wont tell you why. It was all too real for me and sometimes I wish we could just skip this day.

So, with that said, I could only imagine this day for the pregnant wives who on that day started to carry fatherless children. The small children rushed out of the daycare on the lower floors and then watching dead bodies fall to the ground. I don’t know how loved ones listened on the phone as their sons and daughters said good bye before their planes crashed. How do they survive? How to they continue? One word. Jesus.

There is no amount of money, no amount of comfort any human being can heal what they have went through. BUT, the love and grace of the holy spirit swept this earth on September 12th as we all united. No one was able to unite us like the holy spirit did.

Ofcourse I’ll always remember, you’d be deliriously stupid to think otherwise.

One thought on “Ofcourse I Remember

  1. So true. Every day in all our woundedness, fears, confusion, threats, only God, only Jesus, only the hope of resurrection can restore sanity, purpose and joy. Thank you so much for your experiences and perspective!

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