J & Puppy

I hate hearing  clients say, “Well most photographers don’t want to work with animals and say it’s too much work…” That disgusts me. In my mind I’m hearing the photographer give a reason to be lazy and not caring enough to make their client happy, not even making an attempt. I feel like here in Knox County, I’m starting to become the photographer in the area that photographs animals the most. I love animals. I will be at a sports game and during a break I’ll be taking pictures of a dog someone brought with them or after a session I’ll want to take pictures of just the pet.

It all started with a horse last year that a senior of mine wanted pictures with. I wasn’t scared or intimidated, which was weird, but I was so excited because I LOVE horses. Since then I have photographed horses, dogs, cats, even a mouse once! I mean, why not? My dogs are my family. I know when they are mad, sad, and angry that I didn’t give them that last bite of Pizza. Animals are emotional support to people. They help us through things. They make us laugh.

So I was so happy when this owner asked me to photograph her and her beautiful pup. More people SHOULD embrace the relationship they have with their animals. I WANT TO EMBRACE the relationship between owner and animal!

Long story short is, don’t deny your clients the opportunity to have their ENTIRE family photographed, at least attempt it.

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