\\ The Love Club

(Small preface to those who are not connected to me on facebook)
When I first started, facebook business pages had no private messaging so I started a personal profile to keep in contact with my clients. So, that will help you understand the crisis I underwent.

Yesterday, around 2:00pm, I’m painting the house we just bought and I thought… I better check into the ENV profile to see if anything is new… I open the browser on my phone and BOOM. There it was…. the red font of death. Facebook told me I could not log in because my profile was temporarily unavailable and I had to access from a desktop to access the profile.

I call my aunt. My aunt logs in and utters those ugly, UGLY words… “Facebook wants you to convert to a page because you are using a profile for business purposes.”

Cue my heart sinking, lump in my throat and feeling like I was punched in the gut. I just lost ALL my publish images on facebook from the last FOUR YEARS. I have no way of retrieving all my conversations with my clients (I know, slap my hand for not using email….) and I had no contact with all 1300 people that were ‘friends’ with me.

My husband knew what was up… I’m sure the hyperventilating, the pacing back and forth and borderline crying helped in cluing him in. He did the right thing and sent me to my desktop. Smart man.

Since then, I decided to just start another profile… what else was there to do? I wasn’t going to let damn Zuckerberg defeat me. So I just started adding my brides, my senior reps, my family… and since then my clients have been pouring back onto my facebook and trying to help me get my friends back onto the profile.

The love and support I have received over the last 24 hours is like no other. I have never known a love like this. A love where complete strangers, people maybe I’ve met once or a thousand times all came together just to help get my profile back up.

I seen my clients tagging me and sharing my status to re-add me, I couldn’t help but run down the hall yelling to my husband ‘Look what they are doing Jon! LOOK! These people deserve a party!’ (I totally plan on saving money to have a huge BBQ for my clients… I don’t know when it will happen or when I will have the funds but I really want to have a party with them!)

So, last night, only hours into the new profile’s existence, I went to bed with 200 friends. Tonight, I go to bed with 300.

To my clients, fans and followers,
I have never known a love like yours. It’s a pretty special situation we have going on. I always tell the story of how I was a 19 year old, awkward, new mom. Then, you guys came along. You swept me off my feet and made me a new person. You turned me into a confident, happy, businesswoman and I will never be able to repay you.

To the client of all clients,
Jesus Christ, you have given me first off, beautiful people. Secondly, you have given me a beautiful talent. (There for a minute, I thought you had forgotten to give me one.) But, without you, these people would not know me. I would not have them. I think you know that I needed them. I needed this outlet. You are such a beautiful and wonderful God. So masterful in all you do. I love you so much.

To my family,
Thank you for rearranging family events because I have a wedding or a session. Thank you for always helping me create new ideas and listening to my ramblings of dreaming out loud. My daughter, thank you for being so strong and letting mommy work a lot. I appreciate all the cuddling and savor every minute. My husband, the love of my life, my best friend…. YOU are the only reason I ever attempted to do this. I didn’t have guts until you coached me, you gave me courage to do this. Thank you for rolling over in bed as I sit at 2am answering client emails and messages. For spending your weekends with me at sessions, when you could be at home watching SportsCenter or Tosh.0


That’s us, in our new living room. Credit to my three year old daughter for taking this. *Proud momma moment*

“I never saw you coming and I’ll never be the same.” – Taylor Swift

With love to you all, every day.
Becka at ENV

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