\\ Bubbles in Spring Air {March Ohio Wedding}

Ohio, its unpredictable when it comes to weather. We will have 30 degree weather in May. Some days, like Carrie & Jake’s wedding day, it is sunny and almost 50 degrees! So in March, we were all thankful that their wedding day was just as perfect for us as Carrie and Jake were for each other.


Dawes Arboretum Newark, Ohio


Carrie was the perfect bride. I bragged to my husband about her. She honestly was great about getting all the details to me and making sure everything was good to go on her end. She told me about her dress before the big day and I was so excited to see it. When we arrived, Carrie showed up shortly after and we began snapping away at her beautiful details.

detail collage
Her details were stunning! I love the simplicity of the white daisies and how they complimented her silver solitaire engagement ring. Her dress had this beautiful embossing that I can’t even describe but it went so well with the spring theme. After we were done photographing Carrie, she went back to her prep room. We waited as we watched guests arrive and talked with family members. Their families were so welcoming and kind. They wanted to know about us as much as we wanted to know about them. We eventually had to stop jabbering and prep til the moment Carrie and her father walked down the aisle.


Officiant – Missy French of missymarries.com

Their ceremony was short and sweet (and NOT in that way that feels hurried and done with either!). Their officiant Missy was very welcoming to me. She was so informative and let me know how long the ceremony would be and where I could stand to make her comfortable. You definitely don’t want anything like this to happen:

Thats the worst thing that could ever happen to a photographer. *Says slient prayer that it never happens to me, then knocks on wood*
But Missy wasn’t like that AT ALL! The couple perfectly chose their ceremony script to describe them and I loved it. I was heartfelt but to the point.

Receiving lines, I love them. They are the perfect moment to capture genuine hugs and candid moments. It sometimes brings silly faces too.

IMG_9463 IMG_9507
This was my favorite moment. First off, any happy person loves bubbles. With the spring sunshine, it was so pretty! Carrie and Jake were just glowing! I mean look at her. That’s a newlywed smile right there folks!

In a typical wedding day, like any other, we went on to do family pictures and then we joined the bride and groom in taking an adventure around the venue grounds to find what setting we would use for their first photographs together as husband and wife.  I lied about the bubbles, the newlywed portraits are my favorite. Nope I lied again, pretty much anything about weddings is my favorite part.

As you can see, Jake opted out of the traditional ring. They were going to be together forever so he might as well treat it that way! I love the idea of the initial on the ring finger. It also cuts out the hassle of ever loosing your ring. Except, I pray he never looses his finger *knocks on wood again….*

I was honored to photograph Carrie and Jake’s beginning of forever. They told me they are continuing the next couple days of forever in Florida. Now that’s the way to do it!


Thank you to Morgan McCarthy for being my fill in assistant while Mr. ENV was working on our new home.
If you would like to learn more about sessions and events with ENV Photography, please feel free to go to envphotographyy.com . There you can look over our galleries and contact us about booking your own frozen memories. Thanks for reading!

With Love,
Becka at ENV.

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