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Long time, no blog. I really thought I was going to try to blog once a week but I failed. But, as you can see, I’ve been busy! 

This past weekend, we finished up our Easter Mini Sessions! Tons of children and even more smiles filled my in home studio. I thought really long and hard about what I wanted these sessions to look like. I really search for inspiration and what I wanted the background to say about my style and also about the Spring season ahead of us.

Last year’s set up was outdoors (bad idea for Ohio weather) and I wanted it to be a gardenish tea party theme with a fence and a table and flowers. I really wanted a softer look and to be honest, last year, I liked the old Victorian with a modern twist type of look. 2014, is obviously different.

(2013 Easter Mini Sessions)


BUT, there were a few things that I didn’t think of when I planned the set up for the 2013 Easter Mini Sessions… things that I should have known better than to have there because DUH, I had a two year old at the time and it would have only been common sense that I not:
A) Have a glass vase holding flowers (Glass vase, really Becka, what were you thinking.)
B) Have jelly beans wide open on display (OFCOURSE THEY WOULD WANT TO EAT THEM)
C) Have a light burlap banner pinned up when it was March and there were high winds. (Mr. ENV was repinning that banner about every couple minutes… the things I put him through)

Bottom line is, there was too much to go wrong, too much for the kids to touch that didn’t look cute when messed up. I mean the images are still great (Hell, they are still being pinned on pinterest) and the kids had fun… until it got too cold out which we already discussed my stupid decision of outdoor Ohio in March… So, lets move on.

It’s always my intention to review what I’ve done before and change it in a way that makes it better. Life is about learning. Continuous learning. If I don’t always better myself, my clients are never going to get the best. So, for this year’s Easter Mini Sessions, I knew we had a long lingering winter behind us and we all are clicking our heels and crossing our fingers that temps rise and everything gets green really quickly. So, that was it. I wanted my sessions to be the Franklin Roosevelt to this Great Depression of a Winter. Bringing bright, bold, and beautiful color to this session was just what it needed. So, I sketched my idea out on paper and spent two full days shopping for everything I needed. I feel like these sessions turned out so well! Even the poms could be held by little ones and still look cute!

(2014 Easter Mini Sessions)


I always make sure that my little clients walk away with something more than just pictures. Lets be real. The pictures are not satisfying to them. They don’t care about them right now. They are more for parents at this point. So, I make goodie bags for all of them so when they are done showing off their beautiful smiles, they can walk away with something instantly that makes them smile and they love.

Last year, I tried to do mini sessions every holiday but this year, I am limiting them. I want mini sessions to be special and I don’t want them to be overdone. I think I will be doing two more Mini sessions this year. I’m not sure what they will be or when but I know my clients will love that I put a huge effort into a couple sessions than limited effort into a ton of sessions.  I don’t know when you’ll hear from me next. So savor this post while you can 😉 In two weeks, we have Lisa & Devin’s wedding. Then May is booked with weddings and other sessions. I’m completely excited about these May weddings. I can’t even describe to you how beautiful they are going to be! I’m excited!

So, if you walk away from this post learning something. Learn that there is always room to grow. If you think there isn’t, you’ve gone stupid. This world never stops changing and neither should you. The minute you stop is the minute your success stops too. Feel empowered when you reach out to learn more. It just means that more success will be coming your way once you’ve enabled what you’ve learned.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for visiting the page. It’s awesome of you to take time out of your day to read my thoughts. It’s really appreciated. If you would like to learn more about sessions and events with ENV Photography, please feel free to go to envphotographyy.com . There you can look over our galleries and contact us about booking your own session. It would be awesome to meet you!

With love,
Becka at ENV.

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