\\ Burning Red


I am proud to introduce to you our brand new logo! This logo was custom designed by Rebecca Stephenson of Funke Graphic Designs ( http://www.funke-graphics.com )

I wanted to write a little entry to explain why this wonderful new logo looks the way it does. It took Rebecca and I about two weeks to draft different designs and choose every little color and shape of every detail in the image. It’s important to me that everything I do in life hold an authenticity about it. It also has to have a meaning and purpose.

RED: Why red? It’s the first thing you’ll notice about the logo huh? Yeah, not only is it eye catching but it holds a few different meanings. Let’s just get what my friends are thinking out of the way… Yes, it does hold a bit of a significance to Taylor Swift’s album, Red. For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. Honestly though, that was only a bonus to the reason why red was the perfect color for this logo. When I was 17, I was dating a guy and he had a friend named Bobby that we, as a group, hung out with a lot. Bobby always wore red. One day, when the guys were playing video games at his house, I seen his closet was full of reds and black. I had to ask Bobby why his favorite color was red. He replied with ‘Because, it’s my power color.’ He followed by saying he thought it was a dominant, powerful color and that is what he wanted out of life. Bobby really made me think about how colors market to people. So when I started this business, I had to be careful about the colors I chose to consistently represent this company. I chose red because it is empowering. It’s warm and positive. That’s what I want for my clients when they have their pictures done. I want them to feel those things.

Double Infinity Symbol: The symbol in the middle of the circle between the words ENV and Photography is a double infinity symbol. This specific one was specially drawn by Rebecca Stephenson. The reason I chose this specific symbol is because when I first seen it, it was intriguing to me, which means it probably will be intriguing to others too. Secondly, this symbol means infinity times infinity (in other words, forever and ever). This is a great representation of photography in my opinion. The images I photograph for you could be passed down forever and ever. Multiple generations will view these images, if taken care of, and they will carry on a lot of information and memories. What better way to represent the meaning of a photograph. It’s forever.

Font: The ENV part of my business name will always be bold. I want you to always see those letters and think of your photographs. I want you to think of me and my work that I have done for you. It has been like that for 2-3 years now and I feel as though people KNOW that’s my work just by seeing those big bold letters. The ‘photography’ part of the wording was used in a softer way to create a balance in the logo. I love that font!

Watercolor: The watercolor design that is red was something that I really wanted in the new logo. When I think of watercolor paint, I first think of art. Art is photography too so I thought those correlated well. Also, with painting, watercolors are so wild and different. I feel like that best represents me, as a person. Even as a photographer, I do things differently. The watercolor is my way of putting my personality into this logo. It is the representation of the personality that I put into my business every single day.

In many ways, I made sure this logo was an equal part of marketing and representation of my business but also a representation of me and who I am. I feel like when clients look at this logo, they will get an idea of who I am. It’s a perfect way to make a small introduction to who ‘Becka at ENV’ is.

I hope you enjoy the new logo. I pretty much gawk at it every single day with happiness about how amazing it looks. As of right now, no one in the area has a logo that looks anything like this and that makes me feel pretty special. All I ever want it to be authentic. Genuine. That is what my clients deserve.

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