Mr & Mrs Cook {ENV Wedding – Sunbury, Ohio}


My experience with Maryssa & Danny has been very different from how my typical clients come about. It was because of a day of rainy weather that we met. I seriously remember, like it was yesterday, when I first got the message from Maryssa that she needed a photographer for her engagement session because her previous one cancelled because of rain the day before. (Understandable for that photographer, whoever they were, I was just a photographer with the opinion on which weather conditions to shoot in.)

So we immediately booked her session, found a location and we were set. The day of her session, she came to me with all these different ideas. It was truly an amazing session because Maryssa and I were just bouncing ideas off each other. Danny, who was an incredible support to Maryssa in what she wanted the engagement images to look like, and Maryssa’s brother were there. They were up for any pose or idea that we had. It was great. When we ended their engagement session, I seriously got the BEST hugs from this couple. We had connected so well, worked so well together that I PRAYED and PRAYED that I would be blessed with the honor of photographing their wedding.

Danny and Maryssa were so kind to make my dreams come true when they asked me to photograph their beautiful spring wedding.

Months went by and two weeks before their wedding, I was starting to get really great ideas for their wedding and what represented them. I was seriously dreaming about poses for their wedding. It was insane about how excited I was for this wedding. Maryssa has this great sense of style that I love and I knew that their wedding was going to be classic and beautiful.


Prep is always important to me. For this wedding, Danny is helping Maryssa’s brother get ready which was a special moment I wanted to capture for her.



IMG_8493-3 IMG_8500 IMG_8452-REDO IMG_8399 IMG_8330

You would think that the beautiful color scheme and spring sunshine were spoils enough for a photographer, but what truly made the day special was that my husband and I were truly respected as photographers at this wedding. Not once, did I have to ask someone to let me through so I could get a shot, tell someone to turn their flash off… NOTHING. Their family and friends were so welcoming to us. We felt like part of the family. We truly were treated as more than just the photographers. We were treated as part of the day. To make it even better, Maryssa has now married into a very special name. I have waiting MONTHS to be able to say we are both ‘Cook’ wives now. In case you didn’t know, Danny, my husband and I share the same last name (by no relation that we know of) but I was extremely excited that Maryssa and I would now both be wives of special ‘Cook’ men 🙂 We joked about that a bit over our time together in planning, so much so that when we were about to walk into the reception, she pipes up and says ‘Hey! We’re all Cooks now!’, knowing that we’ve all been waiting for Maryssa to share Danny’s last name that also matched ours.

Before I left, Maryssa and Danny gave me their signature hugs that are always full of sincerity. But, Danny looked at me before I left and said,”Thank you so much. You have put a smile on her face and all I want for her is to be happy.” I think it’s safe to say that Danny’s words have set the pace for their marriage. This couple truly serves each other’s happiness. It’s the very unique thing about their love that makes you stop and stare at them when you’re in the same room.

Thank you so much for reading about their special day. If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!

**Vendor/Venue Information**
Ceremony Venue: Sunbury United Methodist Church –
Reception Venue: Bent Tree Golf Course (Sunbury, Ohio) –
Reception DJ: DJ Rockin’ Al –
*Special thank you to Christina at Terrano Photography for helping in editing one of the images. –

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