\\ Just One of Those Moments….

Yesterday, I got done with my editing way early which is always really nice! So I thought it would be a perfect time to document moments of my little darling. Every month, I’ve been striving to have a session just for Lacie. Well, her dreams came true when I said ‘Do you want to be in mommy’s dress?’

Typically, I try to let her pick out what she wants to wear to kind of reflect what she likes in that time of her life. It’s a moment to show off her personality. But she has  been eyeballing my wedding dress every time I open the truck of my car. As pathetic as it is, I have been keeping my gown in the trunk of my car ever since we moved (Three months ago) and I just never seemed to take it out for some reason. So when I asked her, I had in mind that these images would be dedicated to the month in which my husband and I got married but it’s also a very special moment for me as a mother.

When the website, Pinterest, was launched I seen so many others see an image of this little girl in her mom’s wedding dress and lots of mothers started pulling out theirs and photographing their children. In all honesty, I had every intention to do that same thing but my daughter was only 1 1/2 or barely past the age of 2 at that time so I wanted to wait.

When I was about 3 or 4, I remember getting into my mom’s closet and I would sit on the floor and just hold onto her clothes because they smelled just like her. I missed her so much when she would be at work so this was my way of comfort. I seriously remember sitting there and holding onto this specific robe that was always in there. But one day, my arms held onto something new that I found, her wedding dress. It was an entirety of lace and I was IN LOVE with it. I would pull it down off the hanger and put it on, then leave it at the bottom of her closet. Obviously, she knew it was me. She would later come to me and tell me not to pull clothes out of the closet… All I was hearing was ‘blah blah blah…’ while thinking of when I was going to put that dress on again.


That moment with my mother’s dress, was one of those moments I wanted Lacie to experience. My moment in my mother’s dress was one happy moment I remember and I wanted to give her the opportunity to have the same thing.



I know everyone probably thinks that my child is so trained in posing because she is a photographers child, but that’s somewhat untrue. Sure, some moments she will do a pose she has seen a senior client do, but other times, she just wants to play and talk and that is just what we did. It was hard for her not to move her legs in this dress. If you know any child, they love to jump around and run so we had to find a different focus point for her. Flowers, flowers always work! haha



I rarely post personal images of my family on my business page and blog. It’s just a way for me to have a small bit of privacy while trying to be open and transparent with my clients and followers. But, I wanted to break the rules for a day to really open up a discussion about the moments we have had in our lives and give those opportunities of joy to our children.

I would love to know what you do or plan to do with your children (Whether they are existing or a possibility in the future) that are small ways to start traditions or memories that are important to you! Please feel free to comment below. Start a conversation today. Be apart of this world instead of closing the window and browsing through another website.

Thank you so much for reading and being interested in my photography, my life. If you are ever interested in a session of any kind, please visit envphotographyy.com

With an Abundance of Love,
Becka at ENV

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