Mr & Mrs Faulhaber {Lexington, Kentucky Wedding}

I was presented the wonderful opportunity to photograph a wedding with Christina of Terrano Photography a few months ago and without hesitation, I took it. I recently have developed the ambition to want to travel every once in a while to photograph in different areas. I feel as though I’m getting to see new parts of the country, meet people I wouldn’t typically meet and photograph in areas that have different geography other than where I live. It’s a way for me to step out of my comfort zone and still have fun.

To say that this wedding was beautiful, would be an understatement. The weather was beautiful, the bridal party was dressed to the nines and so fun, the bride and groom were so in love…. It was an honor to photograph it.

This blog entry is a little difficult for me to write about. Typically, I really get to know the bride and groom and have a back story with them but for this one, I don’t. This whole wedding, beginning to end has been a different journey for me. I was only a ‘second pair of eyes’ and I got to just observe which was really cool. When you aren’t the lead photographer, the day goes slower and calmer for you. It doesn’t feel as rushed. It made me realize how much my mind is working during a wedding day when I’m a lead photographer compared to being a second wedding photographer.

Just an FYI, I’ve NEVER been a second photographer before. Typically photographers start as second photographers for weddings before they take on their own (Not in all situations but most.) BUT because I was never offered to have an opportunity by any local photographers, I started completely on my own all by myself. In this situation, you have to realize that I had to figure out all by myself how to photograph, plan and manage the photography throughout the day. So, when I got to observe Christina, I got a lot of validation and helpful tips from this wedding. It really made me feel great to know that my process really works well!

So enough with the banter, here are the pretty pictures:


IMG_1289 IMG_1316

Cutest little ringbearer

Cutest little ringbearer

JJweddingc1env IMG_1490

IMG_1575 IMG_1521

Thanks for reading about my first experience as a second wedding photographer. I hope you loved looking at these beautiful images as much as I loved taking them! If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!

**Vendor/Venue Information**
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Equus Run Vineyards –
Cake Artist: The Cake Lady –
Reception DJ: Thomas Wilson –

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