Senior Rep Ramsey {#ENV2015}

Ramsey is a Senior Rep with ENV. He is an Eagle Scout and LOVES outdoor activities. At his high school, he has lettered in soccer and is dedicated to the sport. That’s why, as one of his locations, he chose Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio! Ramsey also attends the local career center and is enrolled in their C.I.M. lab.

I like to ask Seniors about their likes when photographing them. It’s a way to get to know them. I found Ramsey LOVES music. His favorite artists include Ed Sheeran, Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat. I asked him what his favorite thing about himself was and he said his hair…. which made sense since he wouldn’t stop touching it during his session! ha.

Ramsey is looking into studying engineering in college and is hoping to be accepted to an out of state school. He wants to possibly travel to Colorado. He is very much looking forward to ‘finally graduating’.



Just another one of the awesome and successful Seniors that I have had the honor of photographing. If you are interested in having a session done with ENV, please go to to connect with me to receive more information or to book!

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