Allie + Clayton {Couple}

Allie came to me back in February and wanted to plan a special shoot for her boyfriend, Clayton. She wanted the location to be somewhere that would be so special to them. Since it would be close to their one year anniversary, she told me her idea of having the location be at the local fair. Allie and Clayton met at the fair through a group of friends while Allie was there showing an animal for 4-H. While we roamed the empty pathways of the fair, the day before it was due to open, they told me about how they met and how they adopted their adorable little pup named Remington.

I love the idea of going back to places that mean so much. It gives clients a moment to reflect on what started there and how they have grown. Allie and Clayton, Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure to photograph you and your precious dog. Congratulations on one year, I hope there are many more to come!




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