The Reveal, The Newest Holiday.

Recently, I have had TONS of gender reveals. This year, I have been asked to do more than ever before. I don’t think it’s just me either. Every where you turn, couples are having sessions, parties, celebrations of revealing the gender of their child. On facebook, pinterest, you may have even gotten an invitation to a gender reveal party, either way, you have to know about gender reveals!

I find this recent trend to be incredibly refreshing and exciting. I’m one of those people who wants to celebrate EVERYTHING. In our family of three, our birthdays are a week long celebration of outings, watching that person’s favorite movies, doing their favorite things, eating their favorite foods and more than one birthday cake is USUALLY involved….

So, YES, I am supportive of celebrating the odds of the gender of a child and having the 30 seconds in the two hour party planned, the half hour photoshoot you did, just to have everyone say ‘Yes I was right!’ or ‘I was for sure it was going to be a girl, darn it!’ or just the overwhelming love given to the couple in the form of attention and congratulations.

It’s all about embracing life. Every second of it. How many times have you woke up, scrolled through your facebook feed and seen ‘ISIS beheads another American’ and below that post it’s your friend who posted ‘Well, kids were up all night puking. Great, I have a migraine!’ and below that is that chick you don’t really know who posts ‘F**K this day. Flat tire, forgot my lunch, my shoes don’t match…’? It’s gets depressing sometimes right? and you don’t even have both feet on the ground, not even out of bed yet!

That’s why I love photography in general. Every day, when I prepare for a session, I have the possibility of walking into the celebration that your family is happy and healthy ONE MORE YEAR, or a first birthday, a brand new engagement, and gender reveals. I know that at the end of that session, in my precious camera, I have images that are UPLIFTING. They make you happy. They illustrate love and the documentation of our happiest moments of life.

So, if Gender Reveals are the new personal holidays of our lives, bring it on and keep it coming. Lets find one more thing to celebrate, one more GOOD thing to cancel out the bad. In this post, I’ve decided to feature a gender reveal image from each one I’ve done. I hope you enjoy and that you are inspired to celebrate all the good things in your life.


My very first gender reveal session

My very first gender reveal session


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