Evan {#ENV2015} || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer

There is something about Evan…. the words that came to mind when I edited through her images were ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’. I don’t know if it’s her smile, her beautiful skin tone or what but all I kept thinking was ‘Wow, this girl is just so classic. In her style, her demeanor…’  and you know, once we started getting into the poses, she really knew what she was doing! I couldn’t even make her act ‘serious’ because that would be a waste of her smile…. You don’t hide a smile like hers! It was so nice getting to spend the afternoon/evening with Evan and her parents! I’m so glad I got to meet them!

Card1 (2)Card1 (452)_1 Card1 (476) Card1 (575) IMG_8462 IMG_8533_1 IMG_8585


If you are interested in having a session done with ENV, please go to www.envphotograph.com/contact to connect with me to receive more information or to book! We photograph all over Ohio, including Mount Vernon, Ohio – Newark, Ohio – Columbus, Ohio – Mansfield, Ohio!

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