Kelly + Troy – The Barn || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

There are so many good things to say about Kelly and Troy’s wedding, so many!

I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I tell you, this wedding went so flawlessly! First, they had a wedding coordinator. This coordinator was unlike any one I have ever worked with before and I can tell you why… She was a servant to the couple and their day. In no way did this coordinator have an ego that this wedding was HER show or that SHE was the boss. Sure, her job was to be bossy, but she was executing the wishes of the bride and groom. When we needed room and privacy for pictures, she made sure to direct guests to a different area while we worked on beautiful images. It was so helpful for not only me, but the entire wedding in general!

Secondly, the favors… these are the most useful and purposeful favors I’ve ever seen! Mason jar mugs! With personalized stickers and a thank you note. I see so many favors left behind at weddings… candy boxes, smores, and bubbles, etc, etc. But these, everyone was using AT the wedding and THEY TOOK THEM HOME! I love it! Brilliant!

Lastly, for whatever reason, Troy and Kelly did not have a bridal party. Now, let me get all my words out about this before you judge me for saying this is a good thing. By no means do I have any problem with couples having bridal parties because you totally can, it’s great and fun! But I want to open up the this idea to you because it seems to be a growing trend.

First off, less planning right? Secondly, let me list all the things I noticed about their wedding DAY that was different since there was no bridal party: more room in the bridal prep suite; less stuff laying around; less people scrambling to find their panty hose, shoes, eyeliner; more time for the bride and groom to have their images done; no confusion about the bridal party entrance… Oh and guess what?! All those people that I know Kelly and Troy wanted to be there to celebrate their day? They were still at the wedding! Those individuals got to wear what they wanted, didn’t spend tons of money on attire/hair and they still had a good time with their friends in celebrating their love! Now, there are tons of benefits to HAVING a bridal party, but this was refreshing to experience. It was different and even though this isn’t the first wedding I’ve photograph without a wedding party, I felt was the perfect time to point out this new trend!

Kelly and Troy are an amazing couple. I’m positive you can see that in their images, but I had to say it anyways. It was so great to work with them on probably the last warm day we got to have in 2014 😉

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Thank you so much for reading about their special day. If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!

**Vendor/Venue Information**

Ceremony & Reception: The Barn – Mount Vernon, Ohio

Cake Artist: Bom Cakes

Bride’s Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal

Hair Artist: Alicia at Artiques

Reception DJ: Fusion DJ – Aaron Dickerson


11 thoughts on “Kelly + Troy – The Barn || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

  1. I’ve never been to Ohio, but the setting in all the wedding photos are beautiful and you did a great job capturing priceless moments!

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