Beatty Family || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Family Photography

Getting to watch people grow is such a beautiful thing. It’s one of the reasons I am so dedicated to my job. I have such an honor and privilege to get to capture stages of life. Working with the Beatty Family, they grown in such magnificent ways every time I have seen them. Before I did this session, I looked back at their previous ones. When I arrived, their littlest boy had melted my heart. Last year, he was so new, only weeks old. This time, he was running around, screaming and playing with his big brother and sister. You’d think I’d be used to this by now, but I’m not. God is such a great God. Not in just the sense that we grow and live and have happy moments, but for the fact that God has given me the opportunity to open my eyes and my heart to share what I see in your families. With this family I see happiness that is based on such a peaceful love and faith. I hope that I continue to have the privileged of working with them. This session was done at 10am and seeing them was it was such a great, amazing way to start out that day.


IMG_7334 IMG_7385 IMG_7470 IMG_7246 IMG_7274


If you are interested in having a session done with ENV, please go to to connect with me to receive more information or to book! We photograph all over Ohio, including Mount Vernon, Ohio – Newark, Ohio – Columbus, Ohio – Mansfield, Ohio!


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