Collin {#ENV2015} || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer

Oh geez, where do I even start with Colin!? haha So many funny moments in just an hour session, it was great! We were climbing up muddy terrain (And sliding down it)… Colin has this amazing thing he does that he’s smiling and laughing until I pull my camera up to my face and then BOOM, his serious, tense face comes back on. I was totally teasing him about it and I finally captured some of his smile! Along with him, accompanied his mom and girlfriend which helped in catching the smiles too! So good job Colin, it took three of us to get you to smile 😉 hahaha I had so much fun with them and I hope to see them again soon!

IMG_3659IMG_3827 IMG_3731 IMG_3709 IMG_3694


If you are interested in having a session done with ENV, please go to to connect with me to receive more information or to book! We photograph all over Ohio, including Mount Vernon, Ohio – Newark, Ohio – Columbus, Ohio – Mansfield, Ohio!

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