ENV Baby: Running for Madison || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Birth Photographer

Madison’s parents, Tommy and Laci grew up here in our small little town but later moved away to California when Tommy joined the military. Since then, I have watched Laci come in and out of town. Earlier this year, Laci came back home to us because Tommy was deployed and she wanted to be with family while finishing her second pregnancy. I had known Laci from high school, we spent the last few weeks of her pregnancy going on lunch dates. Since then, Laci has become an even better friend to me…. which made this process even more emotional.

So here I am, it’s 7pm on November 13th and I not only watched Laci give birth to her second daughter, Madison. I watched another child be given a new purpose in life. I watched Laci’s oldest daughter lay her eyes on her brand new baby sister. I watched the birth of a big sister too.

Laci told me yesterday they were going to induce her this morning. I had a session at 3:30 today and I was ultimately panicked. I’d never missed a birth before and I definitely didn’t want to miss this one! So Laci updated me at 2’o clock-ish and let me know that it still was not time. Then, in the middle of my session, I got the text that said, ‘I’m at 4 now and they think it’ll be quick now so I’ll keep you posted.’ but not even TWO MINUTES later, I get a follow up text that says ‘Okay scratch that I’m at 7!’

I was half way done with my session and told her I’d be there in 20 minutes. I had to finish this session! Right when I finished that up, I hopped in my car to text her and… well… I’m not going to quote the texts but she said to hurry because it wouldn’t be much longer. So, sorry to the Mount Vernon Police department but I didn’t go the speed limit as I zoomed across town.(But really, do I ever??) Laci was texting me that I better run hahaha and I was.

I got into her room and the nurses immediately came in and were ready to make today Madison’s birth day. This was a completely new experience for me since all my other birth stories gave me time to document quiet moments building up to the birth… but Laci and Madison weren’t going to let me have it that way! haha Everyone left the room. I was the only other person in the room except for nurses and the doctor. I have to admit, I cried on the way home… Tommy should have been there. I didn’t deserve to witness Madison’s birth tonight. I feel so undeserving and guilty. How in the world did I get such an honor to stand by Laci’s side tonight as she was so brave and fearless to give birth to a precious baby girl. I tried my very best to be supportive for Laci. (She had the most amazing nurses by the way!!) Laci somehow kept her sarcasm and funny comments going through the whole process. She was smiling and laughing between pushes! Laci did not even shed one tear. I am so envious of how much strength she has!


Before Tommy’s dad left, he kissed tiny Madison and said ‘Your daddy is gonna be so proud of you.’ I could tell Laci was thinking of Tommy by the look on her face, at times. The very first thing Laci wanted to do was send Tommy a picture. We all withheld from posting any images online because he deserves the respect to see his daughter before all of facebook.

It was literally like watching magic when their oldest daughter came into the room and seen her baby sister for the first time. Her eyes lit up as she walked towards her little sister and she instantly made she everyone know that was her baby.


I hope you all have enjoyed reading about Madison’s birth. She has added so much joy to her family. This has been such an honor. I can not even begin to explain. I will always look back on November 13th and remember all of this. I am so thankful to Laci and Tommy for allowing me this experience. I hope that to all my readers and followers that this was not only beautiful to you, but it allows you into a real look at what military families go through. With Thanksgiving upon us, you should keep this family in your prayers and be thankful. I know I am.

If you are interested in having your birth documents, please contact me at www.envphotographyy.com/contact to check availability.

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