Working with Jessyca || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer

In the Fall of 2014, I was approached by the local Career Center to be a mentor for a high school senior. The Career Center holds a program called Pre-Professional Mentorship. As alumni of the Career Center, Jonathan and I were very interested in being a part of the professional growth of a young adult. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant and nervous to be responsible for someone else’s child. I thoroughly thought about it and prayed about it. I asked my mom (because that’s what you do when you just DON’T KNOW!) and she answered my question with this ‘Rebecca, if you were in the position where you needed someone to give you a chance to learn, a chance to have experience, you would want them to say yes. Do this. You’ll be fine.’ (Wise words from mom will never steer you wrong…..)

So, I said yes. First, we had Emily who was a bright light of fun and laughter during our busiest season. After our time with Emily, we felt like someone was missing from our team. It was so different not having someone else around. (View Emily’s session by clicking here)

A few weeks ago, I was asked again by the Career Center to mentor yet another senior named Jessyca. Jessyca’s first meeting with us was at our home. I was so nervous, I ordered so much pizza it was ridiculous. I have this theory that if you feed people with a smile, you instantly make a good first impression. With Emily I made cookies and with Jessyca I thought pizza was a good choice. Jessyca was so quiet during our meeting, she ate a few pieces of cheesy bread and then we ended the meeting. I thought, she either doesn’t like me or was WAYYY nervous too.

After a few studio sessions and long car rides, Jessyca and I finally got to know each other. Jessyca is a family girl. She loves her family and constantly talks about funny storiesĀ or upcoming events like birthday parties. She also loves her boyfriend. She loves school and her life in general. She is such a hard worker and has stepped up to the plate to help us in any situation we have had. We have one more week left with her and then she will be on to a new mentorship. It’s always sad to see them go.

Last week, I had some studio time available so I took a few shots of Jess. I always want them to leave with their own images from ENV. That’s important to me. Jonathan can’t wait to work with Jess this weekend when hosting our Easter Mini Sessions. We have had a great time with her.



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