Grant’s Senior Plus Session: Part Two || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Getting to know Grant at part one of his session (You can view that by clicking here!) I realized that he is a really laid back guy who also likes zombies. Zombies seem to be a popular thing these days, I don’t understand it (Which Grant obviously caught on to what he asked, ‘You don’t know who that is do you?’) so Grant clued me in on some things!

For me, I would love to keep my head in the sand on all things gruesome. I don’t watch crime shows, the walking dead… none of that. I stick to Disney movies and love stories (go ahead and judge. It’s awesome living in this fairy tale in my head!) But for Grant, I wanted to make sure his next location was different from the ones at his first session. I wanted to get a little bit of that ‘zombie’ feel in his images. Now, we did get some other ones in, but I always try to include what my client likes!

Grant is headed down a really successful road. He’s looking forward to college. He has goals in mind and I loved hearing about them!

Thank you for checking out this session! If you would like a session, please contact us at for info and availability!

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