Noland Family || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photography

Years ago, Lori and I sat at the same lunch table in high school. While I read through whichever Twilight book I was dedicated to, I would hear Lori quite frequently say ‘I can’t wait to see Matt this weekend!’ or ‘Matt and I are going to _____ this weekend’. Lori would say these things with the brightest smile on her face. For high school, it was quite an envious relationship they had. It was respectful and centered around Christ, you could tell by the way she spoke about this guy I had never met.

But weeks ago, I got to finally meet Matt, a tall, loving father and husband who is on the brink of graduating law school. He and Lori have grown together into a family with a beautiful and imaginative son. It’s a precious little family with a beautiful future ahead of them.

Lori has not changed a bit. She is still so completely sweet, mature, and so kind even in the way she speaks. I had an amazing time catching up with her and also meeting her family!



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