Kaylee’s Senior Ultimate Session: Part One + Two || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Working with Kaylee actually started back in February, believe it or not. Kaylee wanted so badly for her location to have snow. So, back in the winter, we did make an attempt but the weather and temps were SO cold, it was almost unsafe to do her images. As time went along, spring arrived and we missed our moment for snow.

The first part of Kaylee’s session was a bit dreary. There was lots of cloud cover and it was still pretty cold. Looking back, I think it gave us an element of moodiness for her pictures.

The second part was the complete opposite of the first, the sun was shining, the sky was so blue and it was so warm that Kaylee had the opportunity to wear some cute summer outfits!

Kaylee is such a sweet girl. She didn’t care where I had her standing or sitting as long as it got the perfect image. I hope to photograph Kaylee in the future. It was great getting to know her and her mom! 🙂





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