Mr + Mrs Reinard || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Our time spent with Kelli and Casey has been amazing. This couple is absolutely genuine in everything they do.


For their wedding day, Casey + Kelli specifically decorated and scheduled the day around what they wanted for themselves and what represented their relationship. It was really awesome and refreshing to see Casey, the groom, just as involved as Kelli.

This wedding wasn’t just for the bride, it was for the couple. That isn’t to say that Kelli basically made EVERYONE cry because of how BEAUTIFUL she looked. Kelli decided to do a first look with first her dad, and then Casey. Wow, tears for EVERYONE. Both reveals were so emotional and beautiful and breathtaking.

After Kelli & Casey’s first look, they sat together in a private area and shared vows with each other. I thought this was a moment they needed to have captured in a different way so I asked Jon for his phone and hit the voice record button. We backed away and let the couple have a private moment. We photographed from a far but captured both a visual and audio of their heartfelt vows.

Thank you so much for reading about their special day. If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!

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