2015 Senior Alissa: Part Two || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Portrait Photography

Back in the fall, I met this wonderful girl and her mom. (You can view that session by clicking here) Posing for Alissa came so easily for her and our personalities clicked instantly.

I was so flattered when Alissa’s mom called me this spring and asked for another session. They requested one part of the session at a very sentimental location (we will get to that in a minute) and the other at a place where Alissa has spent a large majority of her high school days, the school’s softball field.

When I followed Alissa, her best friend sarah, and her mom on the winding back roads of Knox County, I found myself at a small, historic schoolhouse at a place called Spring Mountain. When I got out of the car, Alissa’s mom tried to explain to me why we were here and I could already tell that it meant everything to her. Her eyes were welled up with tears and she was choking the words that explained that the schoolhouse once held ancestors and was a vital part of their heritage. They had gatherings here and it meant to much to Alissa’s grandfather who recently passed away. (Here is where I cry while typing….) Alissa’s mom heard Alissa get out of the car and instantly start wiping away tears, whispering to me ‘I can’t let her see me upset like this.’

I stood there feeling my throat closing and my heart pounding and the burning in my eyes trying to stop my body from producing tears. I looked at Alissa’s mom and said ‘I just lost my dad too. I understand.’ and she said ‘It sucks doesn’t it!?!?’… and of course it does. More than anything.

So as we started exploring the property, I was watching them be attracted to their favorite parts of the room. That’s how I knew what to incorporate.

Alissa has a beautiful sense of fashion. So much so, her and her best friend, Sarah, were talking about their favorite pins on pinterest and that looks they love most. These girls were able to handle the poses that had a twist of high fashion and I was so excited to capture it!

IMG_8713 IMG_8777

Later, we went to Alissa’s school to capture images on the softball field. Alissa has played softball for a majority of her life. I enjoyed capturing moments of her around the place where she spent most of her days. She told me about her team’s recent wins and how she helps take care of the grounds. She loves softball and you can tell she is so happy it is apart of who she is.



My time spent with Alissa and her mom has been so fun! From climbing on top of cars to laughing at Sarah because she almost was run over by hillbillies on a golf cart. It has been a great experience to work with her!

Thank you for checking out this session! If you would like a session, please contact us at http://www.envphotographyy.com/contact for info and availability!


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