2015 Senior : Justin || Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Portrait Photographer

Upon meeting Justin, I could tell he was a man of few words. As many of you know, few words is something that I am not about. Every human being has a story. As a photographer, I feel like it’s my duty to know something about the people I capture memories of. After acting my goofiest and getting a couple laughs out of Justin, I finally hear some things he was interested in. He loves to watch NASCAR and learn about the inter workings of the sport and the cars raced.

Justin is really great at following the instruction of posing. Most guys are so worried about getting their pictures taken that they fumble but Justin didn’t and that made my job a bit easier! 🙂

IMG_0023 IMG_0034 IMG_0075_1 IMG_0128 JBW-2 JBW-22

Thank you for checking out this session! If you would like a session, please contact us at http://www.envphotographyy.com/contact for info and availability!

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