Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || The Oval: Alexis + Chris’ Picnic Engagement Session at The Ohio State University

Alexis and Chris are just LOADS of fun! When we arrived to photograph their engagement session, we seen they had brought a picnic basket…..

Well let me back up a sec, I guess I should tell you about how they met. Alexis and Chris fell in love over times of playing video games and reading in the green grass of The Oval. Many days were spent on campus…. so what better place to photograph their engagement session than where it all started?

During their session they again walked around Mirror Lake and kissed by the historic buildings. Alexis and Chris then made their way with a picnic basket to The Oval. They sat down, cracked open some drinks and had a relaxing time. They brought bubbles and chalk, activities that they would typically do.

Their mentality for their session is astonishing and inspiring to me. This isn’t about replicating pinterest. This isn’t ALL about looking like posed models. (Even though that is sometimes fun to include.) This was about documenting who they are as a couple. Documenting their ‘normal’ and what bonds them.

I can not wait until their wedding day this Halloween. You’ll definitely know it’s their wedding when you see their images! It’s going to be a blast!




Thank you for checking out this session! If you would like a session, please contact us at for info and availability!

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