Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Ms. Hailey turns SIX!

Hailey is a bright and beautiful little girl. Sky blue eyes and a glowing smile to match, she hopped out of her mom’s car and was anxiously excited to change into her dress. A dress that had been hanging up in her house waiting to be danced and played in. Hailey loved her white birthday picture dress. It twirled perfectly and had a pretty white bow for her to fiddle with while she spoke to me.

Hailey has a relaxed personality. She loves to talk about playing at her house and tell stories of the things she does when she visits with her grandparents. Most of all, she loves school. She listed off the names of her best friends at school and explained how she invited them all to her birthday party. Her eyes got wide and excited when she uttered the word ‘Birthday party’. It was like I could see the daydreams of cake and presents playing in her head.

Hailey’s mom said she was so excited to get her pictures done. Hailey loves having her picture taken and I will blatantly admit that I love photographing Hailey. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience to have met both Hailey and her mom. I hope to photograph Hailey for many birthdays to come.

IMG_6645 IMG_6794 IMG_6847 IMG_6928 IMG_6969HBW-81 IMG_7133 IMG_7208HBW-94 IMG_7285

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