Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography || Sadie + Josh – Whetstone Park of Roses

She invited him to an OSU football game. He had never been to an Ohio State football game before yet with a girl as gorgeous as Sadie. It was the perfect date. Since then, Sadie has been the one to plan their dates except for one.

Josh has always been ok with Sadie planning the dates, she always comes up with something fun and interesting to do but really, as long as he was with her, he didn’t care what they did. But, Josh thought it was time to plan the date of all dates, the one that would hopefully make Sadie the happiest girl in the world.

Josh told Sadie they were going somewhere but needed to blind fold her. You wouldn’t believe what was going through Sadie’s head…. even more so what was going through the heads of the people who were stopped at red lights beside them looking over to see Josh driving with a pretty blonde girl blindfolded in his passenger seat! ha.

Josh had good intentions as he helped Sadie out of the car at a beautiful park with a big white barn. He got down on one knee and asked Sadie to become his wife. With the date chosen and planning on going, this is part of the journey I get to spend with Josh and Sadie. Documenting a moment of them as fiancés and counting down the days until I get to document their first moments as husband and wife.




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