Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Beelen Family at Indian Bear Lodge

The Beelen Family came from many surrounding states to meet up here in Knox County. The Indian Bear Lodge was a getaway where this family caught up on lost time. The kids told me all about the fishing and swimming they were participating in while enjoying the lodge and right before I left, I think they convinced their parents to start up a fire and make smores!

I was so happy that Amy found me and I was able to meet these incredible people. My favorite part of my job is learning about people. Where they come from, their personalities, how they interact with each other…. it’s all about experiencing and documenting life.

I hope that the Beelen Family enjoys their pictures for many years to come. I’m so lucky they chose me and that they found the beautiful Indian Bear Lodge as middle ground for vacation 🙂



Thank you for checking out this session! If you would like a session, please contact us at for info and availability!

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