Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || 2016 Senior Model: Alexa

Alexa is such a happy girl. Whenever I see her, she is smiling. She has such a big personality too. She will just start talking to anyone. Recently during our senior group shoot (Not yet published) Alexa just started randomly suggesting mcdonalds menu items and getting a whole group of teen girls to start talking to each other like best friends.

Alexa is also fully involved in the debate team at her school. She loves trials and the law which I think is incredible for her age.
We are so happy to have Alexa as one of our Senior Models. You’ll be seeing more of her images as the year goes on!

IMG_0408 IMG_0396 IMG_0375 IMG_0343 IMG_0308 IMG_0294 IMG_0433

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