Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Davis-Shai House – Heath, Ohio: Mr + Mrs Dolbow

Jennifer and Willie G are a fun and unique couple. Though they have been together for a while, they finally decided to make it ‘official’ with a big celebration! Jennifer was SO stunning in her gown which may be in one of my top 10 favorites of all time. It’s like the dress was made for her. Willie G doesn’t clean up too bad himself! This grand event was spent having a good time with their big family and beloved friends. They brought aspects of their personality into their wedding with the Harley Davidson look-a-like cake topper and even the hilarious dog collar addition as they walked out of their ceremony as husband and wife.

It was touching to watch Jennifer and Willie G celebrate their relationship that they have had over the years and learning about their lives through the speeches of their friends and family throughout the night.

IMG_6183IMG_6547 IMG_6331IMG_6341




IMG_6732 IMG_6748IMG_6885 IMG_6988


IMG_7066IMG_6213IMG_6211IMG_7188 IMG_7180 IMG_7173 IMG_7162 IMG_7161

IMG_7125IMG_7136IMG_7143IMG_7220 IMG_7354 IMG_7339 IMG_7325 IMG_7301 IMG_7297 IMG_7292 IMG_7266 IMG_7233

Thank you so much for reading about their special day. If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!

Davis-Shai House

Wedding Coordinator:
Misti Fenneman with Creative Catering

McClain Creations

Music Express – Jack Wier

Wedding Gown, Bridesmaid dresses + men’s attire:

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