Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || 2016 Fredericktown Senior: Jonathan

Meeting up at the Fredericktown High School football field, I was greeted by Jonathan’s mom. She said those words that almost every mother of a Senior guy says, ‘He’s not really looking forward to having his picture taken.’ which is a typical scenario. BUT, over the years, I’ve come to find that men have a different view on photography. Some love it, some just don’t.

With Jonathan, I think it was important to make him feel like I was actually photographing HIM. He was still a human being. Not a prop, not just a football player…. so I hope that Jonathan came away from his session knowing that I didn’t expect him to be a model (Although, this kid is amazing at posing! He was even naturally posing himself towards the end!) and, I didn’t want him to be a smiley, feminized Ken doll. I wanted him to be himself. That’s all I ask of every senior. From there, I do my job in making them look like their best self.

Believe it or not, over my five years in business, I have never had the opportunity to photograph a high school football player, in his jersey, on the football field. Crazy huh? I think so. So, I really appreciated this session in getting to photograph what is important to Jonathan, and that’s football. Jonathan is so dedicated and loves the game.





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