Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || ENV Class of 2016 Senior Models

Before summer ended, I wanted to get all of our beautiful senior models together and get a group shoot done. These ladies are busy! Cheerleading, twirling, band, work…. they are always hustling to get it done. They are all so ambitious. So, before we added school into the mix, I was able to get them all to a shoot!


I think it’s pretty obvious that summer looks so stunning on all of them! This location was the first time I’ve ever used it and I think it’s proof to future seniors that there is a reason to have your senior pictures done in the summer… I mean, hello, those wildflowers!!!!

I’ve said it over and over and I don’t mind saying it again, these girls are just phenomenal. They are each so unique in their own way. There is a stigma over teenage girls that they are mean and vicious but I think the proof in these pictures tell a different story. There are five girls from three different schools. Some are best friends, some are complete and total strangers but they all have been so welcoming towards each other. They made each other laugh and smile during this shoot. For that, I am proud and thankful because it could be a whole different story. (Which you can imagine is nerve wrecking for me trying to choose models and hope and pray they all get along!!!!)


Soon, we will be starting their actual senior sessions. The days of their senior year will start dwindling down to single digits and before you know it, you’ll see these girls in their caps + gowns and about to head into a world full of endless possibilities. Senior year is so important, not only for the senior, but their parents. These girls will no doubt have an amazing documentation of their senior year. I am so happy they chose me to capture it for them ❤


Thank you for checking out this session! Book your senior session now and contact us at for info and availability!

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