Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Mr + Mrs Dubois

Inside Mary’s childhood home, the dining room was occupied by large mirrors, brushes and make up. Ladies were pacing around, helping each other, and helping Mary prep for the long awaited wedding to begin.

Mary and Francis have known each other for awhile. They and their siblings spent many afternoons playing together. As Mary’s sister spoke of in her toast, Mary and Francis had a crush on each other and that grew over the years. Their family has been the support system for their relationship. Listening to the heartbreaking moments and getting to embrace all of the happy moments like the one celebrated on this day.

Francis adores Mary. I didn’t have to spend much time around him to realize that. He treats her like a princess. Even during their first dance, he waltzed and spun his bride around like Belle off Beauty and the Beast. This couple is so kindhearted and adored by their family and friends.

Thank you so much for reading about their special day. If you would like an event or session photographed, please feel free to visit and view the ‘Contact’ page to learn how to contact us about a session!


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Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Saint Francis Centre

Sue Morris

Loyal Martinez

Debbie Asawa

Hair Stylist:
Crown of Gold Family Hair Salon

Wedding Gown:
MB Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses:
David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire:
Men’s Wearhouse

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